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Client Feedback

What our customers have said about Fine Used Saddles

Things are great here! All of the extra pictures, tracing, and of course your expertise yielded a wonderful fit. Carrie rode him in it and asked for shoulder in- no problem he said. Asked for haunches in, again, same response! He hasn't acted like that with any other saddle we've tried on him. Thank you so much for taking the extra time to fit the saddle. [We] can't thank you enough!!!

- Marilyn B, New Lenox, IL

I have always struggled to find saddles which work long-term both for me and for my horses. I ride mostly young horses - they are particularly hard to fit since they grow and change shape with training. I decided to try Wow saddles because the construction concept allows the saddle to be custom-fitted to the horse now and also adjusted in future when needed.

Patricia spent hours working with me to design and customize Wow saddles for me to use with my mares (4 and 6 years old). The horses have never worked better and they are clearly happier with their Wow saddles than they were with conventional saddles. My position and my connection with the horses are also better, allowing me to get the most out of my training. I am delighted that I gave Wow a try and grateful to Patricia for her expertise.

- Bonnie C, Hockley, TX

Patricia did a wonderful job of fitting this custom WOW Saddle [a wool-flocked version of the Competitor] from Texas for my horse in Michigan. Her customer service is exceptional, making this a pleasurable experience. The quality and adjustability of the WOW Saddle is exactly what I hoped I was purchasing.

- Anne V, Grand Rapids, MI

[Day 1]... Worked like a charm. He kept getting easier and more fluid - bigger and bouncier... His right trot bends which he normally resists were smooth. I laughed a lot. You need to be ready for that much go! It did not move forward or rock at all. He has significant freedom for his shoulders. You did a great job [fitting the saddle].

[Day five]... I rode today for 1 hour at the walk. This is the worst test for me as I usually get back soreness and saddle rubs. Jules continues to be fine after 5 rides. Now all I need to do is make soft shifts in my seat and he changes direction. Never been like this before. No hands at all. Never in all my years of riding had this sort of change. It was meant to be. With your adjustments the price is very fair. I am still impressed with how spot on it is. He is not easy!!!

- Carolyn C, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Love the saddle! Fits me perfect and balance is great. My trainer was very happy with my position. Saves her breath from yelling at me about position. Lol. And kudos on the remote fitting! It's a perfect fit on Gabby. It was a pleasure working with you. You make the process so easy and convenient. Thank you so much!

- Bonnie H, Salem, CT

The saddle arrived safely and is in excellent condition, just as advertised. I am pleased to have found such a nice one that fits both of us. It's a keeper! It really helps to be able to try a saddle out before investing serious money and I have to say you do an excellent job of making the trial easy...

- Dr. Hilary Clayton DVM, Mason, MI

I am LOVING my little old used Hennig!!!! I wouldn't take $5K for that saddle... I am so grateful that I have it to ride in. I don't care that it's 12 years old, it's perfect for us.

- Monica G, Mountain Home, ID

Just a note to say thank you so very much for all your help in selling my saddle and to let you know the check has arrived! You were amazing to work with and the process was extremely easy! Again, thanks Patricia, for your help!

- Lisa L, Hibbing, MN

I want the thank Patricia at Fine Used Saddles for describing the best saddle I have ever rode in exactly. I have been eventing for 45 years and ridden in many different saddles but the L'Apogee she sent me to try is incredible. My horse is jumping better than he ever has done and my wife says she has never seen me ride so well in the 15 years we have been together. The service was terrific, I have told all the people I know if you want to by a good used saddle these are the people to go to. Thank you Patricia for making me the happiest man alive.

- David H, Edmond, OK

Just thought I would tap out a quick email to let you know the saddle has arrived safe and sound.

I absolutely LOVE it. The leather is amazingly soft and it's in fantastic condition. It is also quite a bit lighter than the PH Liberty too which is great and it (luckily) seems to fit my horse very well. I sat in it briefly the other day and it is so comfortable and drops my leg down into the right position from the hip which is fantastic.

Thanks again for all your effort and I'm hoping to be back to purchase a Schleese jumping saddle in a year or two. I will certainly recommend you in my Australian horsey circle.

- Emma H, Tasmania, AU

Oh my gosh! You are the best!!! You are very good at what you do for sure. Thank you so much for your help. Its been amazing working with your company. I will tell my friends to use you for sure in the future. Thanks again.

- Lindsey S, Mountain Home, ID

The saddle is perfect! It fits, it's beautiful, and we both love it. It is definitely going to improve my riding, as it allows (and encourages) me to be in the correct position for dressage... I'm delighted, and feel so fortunate to have found it... Thank you so much--once again, you've been incredibly helpful and made the process painless.

- Linda H, Spring Creek, NV

Today I received the jumping saddle. But the saddle is not good..... it's excellent! It looks even better then it did in the picture. But the best thing of all is that it fits us both as a glove.... I LOVE IT!!! And as far as i can see, it's hardly used! Thank you very much for your good concerns.

- Catharina V, The Netherlands

Thank you for selling my saddle. I have enjoyed working with such a professionally run and service oriented business. Your thoroughness in preparing, displaying and communicating information to sellers/buyers is outstanding.

Fine Used Saddles will be my first and only recommendation! Again, thank you..

- Pat W, Spring Creek, NV

Well, I picked up the County saddle at the Post Office this afternoon and had a wonderful ride in it. I am so happy with it and the fit for both me and my mare is great!! Thanks you so much for sending it up this way.

It looks and feels like a brand new saddle and was exactly as you advertised it to be - that does not always happen. So, just wanted to let you know that it will be staying with me and that I am totally satisfied with the service you provided.

- Julie B, Salmon Arm, BC

Once again, many thanks to you for all of your assistance with selling the saddle. Very quick, easy and pleasant from my perspective!! I have given you my highest recommendation to any friends or acquaintances looking to either buy or sell, service of this quality is a rare thing these days.

- Jill S, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for creating such a great site, Patricia! The Scheese saddle fitter was very impressed with the condition of the saddle and astounded at the fact that it fit Bailey perfectly. I have recommended your site to everyone in our barn.

- Debbie P, Mountain Home, ID

I received the saddle on Tuesday. Thanks for the amazing packaging - no damages/issues at all! I had a great first impression, and am going to have my trainer take a look today to make sure it really fits. Hopefully by tonight I'll have a definite answer for you......

Just touching base again - the Delgrange is amazing and I'll be keeping it! Such great shape at a very reasonable price. That was the easiest saddle-buying experience and I will definitely refer your site to those up here in need.

- Sara L, Spring Creek, NV

The saddle fits like it was made for him, and I love it, its super supportive and comfortable, so consider it sold! Thanks for your great communication and expertise, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

- Christine B, Eastern Passage, NS

Just wanted to tell you the saddle is in amazing shape. You stand by your word "fine used saddles". Thank you for all your help and understanding with the visa thing (it was a fraud alert). Alivia loves the saddle and I could have already sold it twice.

Mary L, Tryon, NC

I cannot possibly thank you enough. I am so unbelievably grateful!! Thank you SO MUCH for everything you have done on my behalf, and for being so patient with my frequent inquiries and with selling this saddle at all!! I hope that the new owner will thoroughly enjoy it. Like you said, it will be a wonderful saddle for someone as long as it fits her and her horse! It was just too bad it didn't fit me or mine.

I'm absolutely certain that you are the only person on the planet who could have marketed and sold that saddle successfully and I will always be extremely grateful for all of your amazing efforts on my behalf. I also just wanted to let you know that I did receive your check this weekend, so I wanted to give you additional thanks for sending it out so promptly!!!!!! I am so, so glad it all worked out for you, me, and the new happy owner! YAY!

- Koi,
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the good news. You are genius. Many thanks. I will tell anyone I know about how good your service is from both a seller and buyer's perspective (my daughter bought from you). YEAH!!!!!!!

- Linda G, Wellington, FL

Thank you! That was so fast! I really appreciate your professionalism. You have a beautiful website and an opportunity to pass on some really nice saddles. Hopefully at some point I will be back in the horse world and at that time will definitely come to you to find a saddle.

You cleaned up the saddle so well. I know I have always been very particular about my tack but I was so impressed to see the stitching so vibrant! What is your secret?

- Catherine E, Woodland Park, CO

I wanted to let you know that the saddle is great and I am keeping it. Your shipping and whole experience on buying this saddle was excellent. Keep up the nice work. I will recommend your shop to anybody. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.

- Daryl I, Somerset County, MD

It's an absolute keeper! I love my new Schleese dressage saddle and thanks to the amazing level of detail in your descriptions I was able to find the exact saddle I wanted with my specific options, width and flap length. Thanks for providing that "new saddle experience" at such a great discount.

- Laura S, Naples, FL

You must have ESP or telepathy.

I just got off the phone with my wife and opened my email to let you know she absolutely loves the Hennig, had a lesson with her trainer today (who also loves the Hennig) and it fits my wife perfectly and the horse almost perfectly, so the answer is yes to the Hennig! YEAH!!

Thank you so much for all your help..

- Doug R, Martha's Vinyard, MA

Thanks for providing such an exemplary service to the equestrian community! Your website, info packet with the saddle, and overall customer service has changed my view on saddle purchasing. Trying to deal with reps from, not just one, but ALL the "big time" saddle companies has just about driven me insane! I had my last ___________ custom made, and can comfortably say that I will never do that again. 

Buying a "fine" used saddle (from an excellent source like you) and having it adjusted has suited my needs better than you could imagine. I will def. be a repeat customer, for future saddlery needs, and have suggested your service to multiple people already!

- Devan C, Clermont, GA

Okay so I overheard the barn cows saying "who does she think she is riding in a Lauriche?" (snicker, snicker) How can she afford that? I put my hand on my hip and hollered "PROSTITUTION!" (red faces and a lot of scattering) This saddle is utter heaven. Not only does it correct my leg position and make my butt happy, it creates envy. I am all in. It's not coming back.

- Anonymous

The saddle fits me perfectly (and my trainer loved it) and the few horses I ride. I will definitely recommend your website/service to other equine colleagues. I will certainly keep you in mind if I need to consign or purchase another in the future.

- Brianna R,
Amherst, NH

The Hennig is absolutely beautiful, perfect! In fact, I may not ever ride in it - I may just look at it and admire it!  As an overseas buyer you have made a potentially scary large purchase a pleasure so thank you very much indeed.

It is lovely to receive an item that is truly as described. The gorgeous Hennig fits Prince PERFECTLY! No adjustment required! Must be fate! Anyway, I am delighted and my lovely horse went even more wonderfully in it.

- Lyndsey S, Cheshire, UK

Your check arrived today and I can't thank you enough for your service, integrity, professionalism and ease with which to deal. Your fine reputation with Fine Used Saddles is well deserved in every way and I will go out of my way to recommend your services to those in need. I am sure our paths will cross again in the future.

Lora S, Wellington, FL

Another success! Love, love, love the saddle and stirrup leathers! Just like the last one, it is in absolutely pristine condition. Thanks so much!

- Becky A, Nashville, TN

I must tell you how "wowed" (not sure if that's a real word) I am. This has been a great experience. Thank you. I ride at a very high end dressage barn here in Las Vegas and I'm telling everyone that they MUST contact you when thinking about selling their saddles.

- Richard D, Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to let you know that we are going to keep the saddle. I'm so happy that this saddle will work and wanted to thank you. This is the 5th saddle that we have ordered (ugh!) and you were, by far, the easiest person to work with.

Thanks for a great saddle, in perfect condition, and wonderful customer service! I will definitely recommend your site to anyone looking for a higher end saddle... I've already posted your business cards in the barn ;)

- Vicki C, Golden Valley, MN

You are a wizard!

- Michael,
Wilmington, NC

How wonderful to get the good news! I always knew I made the right decision sending my saddle to you. Thank you for all the hard work you did! Many thanks!

- Elizabeth H, Newnan, GA

I think perhaps you are rare in your thorough assessment of saddles. The whole world would be buying saddles from you if they only knew.

- Malou W
, New Hope, PA

I am just so thrilled with the saddle. The MINUTE my butt sat in it, I went 'AHHHHHHH' and I just knew. I can't describe it. It was everything I hoped for. I have my first lesson in it today, and I cannot wait. I have had such a hard time finding a saddle that fits me, due to my long upper leg and small butt combination, and this one works well. I feel very secure in it, the sitting trot is a breeze, and my two point is very comfortable.

I cannot thank you enough. I am serious, this saddle is perfect for me. I am soooo thrilled. I cannot thank you enough. It's basically my Christmas and birthday present for the next five years but I don't care! I love it! THANK YOU!

- Louisa S,
Sacramento, CA

I am thrilled with the Lauriche I just purchased from you and will definitely be keeping it. Thank you for your speedy response and shipment Keep up the good work offering quality used saddles.

- Martha F, Mt. Airy, MD

Just a note to thank you for your help in finding my new saddle. The saddle shipped and arrived exactly as described, and the pictures and written description were accurate and detailed. I am thrilled with this saddle and have had many people at the barn impressed with the excellent condition of this used saddle. I hope to have many, many wonderful rides in this saddle, but should the need arise I would be very happy to do business with you again!

- Karen S,
Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you so much, this has been my easiest experience with selling a saddle!

- Suzanne S,
Oxnard, CA

My horse is getting quite fit and you can't know how happy I am to have my wonderful "deep seat". This breed has a mind of its own....and he is also very spoiled....think of you every stride in my very perfect saddle. You are a real matchmaker....

- Julie A,
Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kindness... I am so pleased that the saddle sold in this market--the economy is in the dumps, so that is a testament to your good business skills.

I hope to work with you again and will continue to pass your information on to my friends.

- Holly H, San Diego, CA

First of all, I have been gazing at my saddle on line several times a day since I ordered it that it has arrived I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I ADORE IT --- and how amazingly intuitive, diagnostic and LOVELY of you to have chosen this one for me.

It is simply stunning--- and was so beautifully packed. I cannot thank you enough for this adept "matchmaking." I really gave you very few clues and you could not have chosen one I would have felt as comfortable or most important, MORE SECURE in. It fits my Selle Francaise just perfectly--- so I will purchase it with great happiness and my warmest thanks!!!

- Julie A, Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you for calling me back promptly today. I cannot thank you enough, Patricia, for your continued superior customer service and support. I would be happy to provide a reference for you, no matter what happens with this scenario. I have seen enough to know YOU should be trusted as a valuable and knowledgeable source for anyone looking for a saddle. YOU are a credit to your profession!!!

- DJ W,
Atlanta, GA

I'm so thrilled, thank you very much. I've been talking you up at any opportunity on the COTH board and can only hope I can bring you even more business in return for the amazing service you've given me. You're fabulous and it's been wonderful doing business with you. Thanks so much for your help.

- Kristie K,
Hollywood, CA

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Explanation of Condition Ratings for Saddles

Exceptional Condition:

Saddles in this category will show very little to no use. There will be no color variation, no fading of leather, no scratches, dings or damage anywhere. The billets will typically show some light creasing. The flaps may show faint marks.

Excellent Condition:

Saddles under this rating will have only very light and normal wear. You will see light rubs on the flaps. Occasionally you will see extremely light seat edge rubs. If there are any surface scratches or nicks they will be very small and superficial. The billets will be in good or better condition. Any color variation present will be subtle. There may be some very subtle color fading, but usually not. A saddle in excellent condition has been lightly used and has been very well maintained.

Very Good Condition:

Saddles in this category will typically have light to moderate rubs on the flaps from boots and stirrup leathers, usually with more rubbing toward the bottom of the flaps. There can be minor color variation on the leather from sweat, rain, or general wear, often on the flaps but usually on the seat and panels. These saddles may have some visible but minor seat edge rubs. Light creasing on knee pads is typically seen. A few minor surface scratches or nicks in the leather may be present, but always superficial and never deep. Billets can show moderate wear. A very small spot worn through the leather on one or more of the blocks is permissible for this rating, but only if the blocks exhibiting this are underneath a flap.

Good Condition:

Completely serviceable condition with moderate wear but no repairs needed. No holes or cuts in the leather that go all the way through. These saddles will have significant rubbing on the flaps. Typically there will be creases on the knee pads, sometimes deep creases. Often you will see friction rubs at the seat edges. May have surface cracks in the leather, usually fine and superficial crazing, often found on the seat and panels. You may or may not be able to feel this crazing to the touch. Saddles in this category may show fading of color or significant color variation from sweat, rain, or general wear. Billets will typically show a lot of mileage, but must have some good life left in them. Surface nicks and scratches may be present. There may be a small worn through spot on one of more of the blocks, but is acceptable only when the blocks in question are underneath a flap.

Fair Condition:

Saddles under this rating may need significant repairs. They may have spots worn all the way through the leather (deep cuts) in the seat, flaps, knee pads or elsewhere. These saddles will often have significant cracks and leather may be dry. May have severe discoloration or fading of leather. May also have any other cosmetic issues mentioned below under 'Good Condition.' FUS usually cannot accept saddles that fall under the fair condition rating but we may be able to help you with repairs to bring these saddles to sellable condition.

The 3 Main Panel Types: Pros and Cons

Wool Flocking:

This is the most traditional method of stuffing a saddle's panels. There are many types of flocking that saddle fitters will refer to as wool. They range from a slew of different synthetic fibers to an array of natural sheep's wool. There will always be debate and no concise agreement on which type is better, but the higher end saddles we carry are generally going to be stuffed with the best of whatever type is used. Wool flocking does require maintenance. It can harden and ball up over time and will after several years (and sometimes less) need full replacement of all the wool inside. When used on one horse, wool tends to mold to that horse's build over time, so it CAN be harder to use these saddles on multiple horses than with the other two types, though that is not always the case.

The great benefit is that it can be easily tweaked by a saddle fitter. When buying a used saddle, sometimes they are perfect right out of the box but you should count on the possibility of needing an adjustment in order to achieve that custom fit you want. That is a completely normal scenario. Some wool flocked panels will also have a foam or felt lining as a buffer between the wool and the panel surface which contacts the horse. Examples of these are Hennig, Amerigo and Prestige. This helps ensure a smooth surface on the horse's back. A complete reflock and replacement of wool in a saddle in the USA generally ranges from $200-350 and requires the panel be dropped and resewn, usually at the saddle fitter's shop. Tweaking of existing wool ranges from around $75-300, with a huge range in cost due to varying barn call fees. Simpler adjustments, which generally involve adding wool to certain areas and sometimes removal from other areas is what is typically done on site. Most our our Dressage saddles are wool flocked.

"French Style" Foam / Latex:

Foam versus wool is simply a trade off. Foam is resilient and pretty much zero maintenance as long as the saddle fits your horse. You can get the closest contact possible with your horse. It does not harden or ball up and most types take hard use over many years before they begin to break down. You can use these saddles more easily across more than one equine because the foam does not mold to the animal and stay there. It does mold to the horse but it bounces back to its original form. There is no settling with foam. It is what it is, basically.

The downside is that though adjustments are usually needed less frequently they are a bit more complicated. In some cases in order to change the fit for big changes or for a different horse, the original panel can be shaved down in certain areas. In other cases where the panel needs areas more built up the original panels are completely discarded and new ones are sculpted. The foam saddle needs to fit right out of the box, but another upside is that they are often easier to find a fit across multiple horses.

Almost every French saddle is going to be filled with foam. In the high end saddles we carry, this foam is the best of the best in latex panels. Foam flocking is the French tradition, while generally wool is the English / German tradition. One exception I can think of is Lauriche, an English made saddle which is always originally made with foam panels. The cost to have foam panels adjusted or re-fit ranges anywhere from $250-$900 depending on who does the work. Independent saddlers charge less than the original saddle brand's shop, but independent fitters specializing in foam are harder to find in the USA than in somewhere like France.

Foam flocking is also commonly seen in jumping saddles which are not French in origin. Traditional fitters specializing in wool are typically not big fans of foam because there is not a whole lot they can do with it other than shimming with felt.

Air Bladder:

There are two main types (really brands) of air flocking systems. One is "Cair," which we find in the Bates and Wintec saddles. It is pretty firm in our opinion and is not known to be adjustable. "Flair" is the other type, which is what we see here at Fine Used Saddles. Air is yet another trade off. Each type of flocking has its own advantages and pitfalls. Flair panels are highly adjustable and absolutely excellent for pressure distribution on the horse's back. The panels can be made very soft or more firm depending on your needs. The Flair system consists of four total air bladders, two in each side of the saddle.. The air will move and flex with every movement of the horse. They do provide a completely different feel for horse and rider. We've found that riders will either love or hate them.

There is a springy feel to the ride, which does vary depending on how the saddle is adjusted but will always be there. Some feel a trampoline-like affect. It can take some getting used to, and that's one of the biggest reasons we think we don't see it everywhere despite it being excellent for the horse's backs. Some horses will need time to adjust to the different sensations but in my experience most love it and can become completely spoiled to Flair. In some climates the expanding and shrinking air inside the panels can result in seasonal changes in how the saddles fit. Slow leaks can develop and put people off of Flair, but we've found this to be a pretty rare issue. Finding saddle fitters to adjust Flair panels is a little more difficult than wool, but easier than for foam. The Flair kit consists of a few tubes and an air pump - pretty simple - and in our opinion can be learned easily by brave amateurs.


Tree Size

An Explanation of our Sizing Descriptions

Every manufacturer has a different system for tree size. It is not just the actual width and spacing of the tree points that make up a saddle's tree width. It is also the shape and the angle of the tree opening, along with panel thickness and shape. Though we will always mention the "official" or stamped size regarded by the manufacturer if applicable, we sort saddles online according to a more generic system for the sake of consistency. Our goal is to ease confusion as well as we can. If your horse fits a medium-wide according to the stamped size in one brand it is unlikely that a medium-wide will work in all brands stamped that size. We rely on the Bates gullet gauge along with expert visual assessment to asign saddles a tree size and fit for description online. Many riders are familiar with this gullet system so it's become the closest thing to a gold standard we can find. Since shape also influences the overall size, this system still isn't perfect but all across the board it probably never will be. This is the closest we can get!

Inconsistent tree sizing and fit across all saddles is a huge reason we advocate second hand saddles. When you buy second hand you are trying the EXACT saddle you are looking to make your own. There are even variations in tree fit frequently seen between two saddles from the same maker despite showing the same stamped size. Even with a saddle being custom made for you and your horse you don't know what you're getting until you've got it. The picture in your mind may not match what is delivered and we see that happen all the time. Saddle fitting is both an art and a science. It can so often just come down to trial and error, but we do everything we can to help you navigate the grey areas.

Amount you hope to clear after the consignment fee

Entering an amount here simply gives us an idea of your goals. It does not necessarily mean that we will aim to sell your saddle to clear you exactly what you enter here. Once we review your application we will discuss pricing with you one on one (usually via email) and will let you know whether we think you are aiming too high or even too low. After your saddle has been received by FUS and reviewed in person we will further discuss and confirm the actual listing price with you.

What you enter here will also help us determine whether we will be able to help you. If you are demanding more than the market will bear, we usually will not accept the saddle in question for consignment. We always want to feel confident that we can sell a saddle to the owner's satisfaction before agreeing to take that saddle on.

If you don't have a goal or just don't know where to start, you can let us know that in this box. We won't force you to enter a number at this stage.

Stamp Info

Most saddles have some info / codes stamped into the leather, usually underneath a flap. This stamped info can often tell us many facts about your saddle, often indicating its exact age. Knowing this info can be very helpful to us in estimating a likely selling price range before actually seeing your saddle in person, so please include it if it's not too big an inconvenience for you.

Saddle Consignment Terms and Conditions

Our consignment fee for saddles is a flat 25%. The consignment fee for accessories (girths, leathers, irons, saddle pads etc. when accepted) is 40%. We will usually only accept fittings from customers also sending in a saddle unless multiple high end non-saddle items are being sent. We can only accept brand name fittings of a quality similar to that of our saddles, and in good or better condition.

Every saddle is inspected by Fine Used Saddles for tree soundness and other problems that might make a saddle unsafe, unfit or in condition not acceptable for resale. If we find a repairable problem with your saddle we will consult with you having it fixed.. Otherwise, it is possible the saddle will need to be returned to you at your expense. Side note: We've only had to do this two or three times over several years. Each saddle sold on consignment must have good, safe billets. Consignment saddles must be reasonably clean and in good condition or better. Condition ratings are at the discretion of Fine Used Saddles. The leather must have no rips or tears. We reserve the right to reject any consignment application. We reserve the right to also reject saddles once received if we deem them to have been misrepresented on the consignment application.

Every saddle we offer comes with a 5 day test purchase period in which customers are allowed to try on and ride in the saddle. The shipment time is not included in this trial time frame and we may give clients a few extra days if needed, at our careful discretion. A full credit card authorization is collected and customers are responsible for any damage done to the saddle over the course of the trial. Within 15 business days of the confirmed sale of your saddle we will send you a check by mail to the address you provide for the sales price minus commission. Before mailing, we will contact you to verify your address and let you know your check is on the way.

Your saddle is insured every time it is shipped for trial.

Manage Saved Searches

To use this powerful new feature you must first create an account and be logged in.

If you are logged into your account you can click this link to edit, delete and execute previously saved searches. You may also access your personalized searches from the "Manage Saved Searches" link in "My Account". From there you may also create new saved searches.

Our system will email you every time a prospective match to your personal criteria is listed. Searches will not be saved if you are not logged in at the time of the search.

Saving Searches

You must create a free account and be signed in to use this powerful new feature. Only your name and email address are required - the other contact information fields are optional.

If creating a new account or logging in from THIS link, your search will not be saved. You will have to run the search again to access the "Save this Search" option.

Then, when we list any saddles meeting your criteria, you will get an email notice. You can save as many searches as you like and can be as specific or as general as you like. You can also access your previously saved searches from the "Manage Saved Searches" link in "My Account". There you can add new searches, edit old ones, delete them, or execute them to see currently available results.

Strict vs. Fuzzy Search

We highly recommend NOT using the strict search feature for saved searches so that you won't risk missing a good possibility. However, it can be helpful to narrow things down for you in a live search. The "fuzzy search" is our default searching option. This means that whatever value entered, the results will also show you the next closest values.

For example, if you search for a 17 1/2" seat size, it will also show you those that fit just a little small in our opinion (17 1/4") and those that sit just a little big in our opinion ("17 3/4"). The same goes for all other criteria. If you search on "Medium-Wide" for tree size, results will be returned that are in between medium-wide and medium, and between medium-wide and wide. But the listings will always specify whether it is a straightforward medium-wide, etc, or somewhere in between.

If you are searching for a particular model name or feature you can enter this into keywords, but be careful to watch your spelling. If you have any questions about these new and comprehensive features do not hesitate to contact us for guidance. We don't want you to miss out on anything!